Avery is part of St John’s Good Wins Key Club. The club is dedicated to inspiring, supporting, and celebrating a generation of doers: people who see the need to do something, believe in their ability to get it done, and then take action.  She has been a critical contributor in organizing the club’s nearly 200 service projects in the last three years.

Avery has helped to organize a Veterans’ Day celebration and fundraiser every year.  Avery and her team raised enough money to buy 17 Christmas trees for the families in the Trees for Troops program, along with the purchase of replacement flags for the St. Johns Veterans Memorial.   She also wrote letters to military service members through a program

called A Million Thanks.

Avery has also been the lead officer in the organization and service to the Baby Pantry Christmas Party for families in need. She organizes the volunteers for three separate service dates and purchases the clothing and toys for our adopted kids. As a sophomore, Avery researched food insecurity and toured student pantries in Traverse City to address her community’s challenges.

Avery was on a small team that created a food insecurity educational campaign to raise awareness and support basic youth needs. Her team has presented to the entire St. Johns school and local community groups like Kiwanis. Within eight weeks of the initial pantry idea, Avery and her team opened one of the tri-county area’s only high school pantries to meet

their peers’ basic needs!

Avery will donate her Y-PIF proceeds to the St. Johns Good Wins Key Club.

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