The Northwest High School Be More Kind Club’s student leaders focus on creating a positive culture through acts of kindness in their school and community. The group sponsors many of their activities and partners with other programs and events within the school district. The club is strictly donation/fundraiser funded, so the students work quietly behind the scenes to raise money to sponsor these kindness activities and much more. Although the year has looked different with pandemic alterations and restrictions, the club continues to move forward.

In September, the students encouraged service and community with a virtual Hunger Bowl project (collections for local food pantries). They collected more than $400 through online donations for the local food pantry.

During October, the group spearheaded the second annual Mountie Mission Cancer Awareness Event that moved to an entirely virtual format this year. Be More Kind worked with other clubs and programs to honor cancer survivors and fighters throughout the week. They also sold cancer awareness t-shirts and virtually collected money throughout the district during the week for our local hospital’s cancer patient fund. They raised more than $700 to donate.

The Be More Kind Club also engaged the community in participating in the largest adoptaa-family project the community has had. They created a virtual program for collections and outreach and were able to help 86 families (reaching more than 250 children) this year with food, toiletries, clothing, books, and toys.


The Be More Kind Club will donate their Y-PIF proceeds to more organizations they serve in the Jackson community.

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