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Y-PIF™ Voting is Closed!

Stay tuned for updates on the 2021 Y-PIF Awards!

What is ePIFanyNow™?

The mission of ePIFanyNow™ is to create a revolution of positive transformational experiences through exponential acts of kindness.

The spelling is a bit unusual… but you too can have an epiphany right now to Pass – It (Kindness) – Forward. We know that when you do something kind for someone else, it’s eventually returned to you! We believe strongly that Mahatma Gandhi was onto something big when he said, “Be the change you want to see in the world.”

Each year ePIFanyNow™ organizes a large group of people to come together and celebrate the power of kindness. If you want to experience something powerful, non-religious, and lots of fun, then please join us for our annual gathering. We will honor local youth passing kindness forward with the annual Y-PIF™ Award and we will also honor a local HERO making a difference.

What is the Y-PIF™ Award?

(Youth Passing It Forward)

The Y-PIF™ award honors kids in grades K – 12 who are passing kindness forward and making positive contributions to their communities. The 2021 Y-PIF nominees will be highlighted on the website in the coming months. Nominations are now open!

How it Works

The Y-PIF™ award is given to kids in kindergarten through 12th Anyone can nominate a student.  The process is simple and all are encouraged to attend the awards celebration.


Nominate a young person whose kindness has inspired you.


The ePIFanyNow™ board will review all the submissions and get back in touch with you within a few days.


The 2021 ePIFanyNow™ event, sponsored by MSU Federal Credit Union, will be virtual! Details coming soon.

Past Y-PIF™ Winners

Since 2015, ePIFanyNow has presented the Y-PIF award to youth Passing Kindness Forward.  Below are the past Y-PIF winners:

Skyler Medes

Skyler Medes

Skyler’s family has been fostering children for years. Her project, “Suitcases for Kids,” collects clothes & supplies for foster kids who often arrive with nothing.

Rachel Kilmer

Rachel Kilmer

Rachel has been a teen volunteer at the Capital Area Humane Society for four years. A tireless volunteer, Rachel has been a role model to peers and youngsters, alike.

Jeremie Bordua

Jeremie Bordua

Jeremie gained national attention for a thank-you party he hosted for police officers, whom he felt were unduly criticized in the media.

Sebastian Williams

Sebastian Williams

Sebastian had participated in the “Lansing Walk to End Alzheimers” for several years – before deciding to organize the first-ever kid-only walk.

Isabelle Wynn & Zoe Zielger

Isabelle Wynn & Zoe Zielger

Isabelle & Zoe organized a 5k – and raised over $1k – for the “Life as a Zebra Foundation,” bringing awareness to those who suffer with incurable or invisible illnesses.

Rachel Munzenberg

Rachel Munzenberger

Rachel and her friends raised thousands of dollars for a younger neighbor with Dystonia, a rare neuro-muscular disorder.

Read Her Story


The ePIFanyNow™ board of directors gave out the first HERO Award in 2018. The award was given posthumously to Chris Rosati of Durham, North Carolina.

Chris made it his personal mission to impact the world in a positive way and inspire thousands of children to perform random acts of kindness. Chris’ wife, Anna, and daughters, Dalany and Logan, were on hand to accept the award and share more of Chris’ mission.

Kindness is our Motive.
Passing it Forward is our Passion.

A Word From Our Founder

Meet Bob Hoffman, our founder, and see what inspires him. Then, check out what’s still inspiring him.

Don’t Take Our Word for It…

We’re grateful to have received so much coverage for the work we do. We appreciate it. But we appreciate the kids more.

Pass it Forward

Help Us Spread the Kindness…

With so much negativity in the news today, we’re happy to tell stories of hope, love, and kindness. Will you help to support our mission?


Want to contribute a few dollars to the work of kindness? We appreciate the gift!


We can always use help spreading the word and setting up the event.



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