Laura Knopf and Oliva Quiroga have been best friends since kindergarten. Laura, age 14, and Olivia, age 15, decided they would push the limits of their creative process and create a new way to help out in the community.  They started to collect food during this trying time for the hungry. Laura and Oliva thought it was best to be realistic and came up with a goal of 200 food items which they donated to a non-profit called Little Food Pantries. The two beat their goal and ended up gathering more than double that amount. They were overwhelmed with the community’s kindness and gathered 421 food items, with the added donation of cleaning products and books.


Oliva and Laura were inspired to do this because of the growing pandemic. Many people have been struggling to make ends meet in the current economic climate.


Laura and Oliva will donate their Y-PIF proceeds to Little Food Pantries.

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