Maggie Callender grew up as a Red Cedar Kids 4-H Club member.  She has worked with animals so much that they have become a big part of her everyday life. When Maggie was five years old, she was given her first rabbit and instantly fell in love with animals. Now Maggie has four rabbits, three guinea pigs, two dogs, a goat, and a fish. Maggie says that working with and taking care of animals has meant so much to her and is a massive part of her identity.


She wanted to help make a difference within her community to help animals. 2020 was her fourth year fundraising for the Capital Area Humane Society (CAHS). This non-profit animal shelter runs purely on donations of supplies and money from sponsors within the area. For the past four years, Maggie has designed and produced calendars to sell as a fundraiser. This past year, she created and marketed a calendar for 2021 called “12 Things to do While Quarantined.” Maggie made costumes and props for each month’s theme and used her own (and her brother’s animals) as the models for the pictures. After using the images to design a calendar, Maggie printed them via an online printing company. She then sold them by using her mom’s social media accounts to promote the fundraiser.


Typically, Maggie sells the calendars at craft shows, rabbit shows, and pet stores.  She couldn’t do that this past year because of the pandemic. In the end, Maggie raised $1,250 to donate to CAHS from this calendar, which is over the goal she set to hit.


Maggie will donate her Y-PIF proceeds to the Capital Area Humane Society.

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