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Rachel Munzenberger

Former Y-PIF Award Winner Feature

Rachel Munzenberger

Breanna’s Carnival, 2015

What was the biggest impact winning the Y-PIF Award had on you?

The biggest impact this award had on me was inspiring me to continue passing it forward in all situations after seeing how many others choose to live this way. The event connected me with so many other people that had similar stories to mine.

How did you use the funds raised through the ePIFanyNow Y-PIF Award?

The funds were given directly to Breanna and her family, and since winning they have been able to purchase a wheelchair van and put a first floor bedroom addition on their home.

What has happened with your project in the months/years since winning the Y-PIF Award?

I continue to stay involved with Breanna and her family. I spend a lot of time with her helping her gain normal childhood experiences such as helping at her baseball games and dance classes.

What lessons has your project taught you?

My project taught me that being kind and helping others will always pay off. The feeling you get from passing forward kindness is unlike anything else.

Do you have hopes and/or plans on future projects inspired by spreading kindness?

I strive to continue passing forward kindness in my everyday life. I am a daycare teacher and I am always trying to teach my children about kindness in class.

Can you share your advice for youth interested in passing kindness forward in their communities?

I would encourage all youth to get involved in a program or organization that helps others. It is important to start doing these things at a young age, because then it will become part of your everyday life without a second thought.